This Product Purchase Agreement is entered into as of ________, 199_ by and between XYZ, a Delaware corporation, acting through its ABC Division, with offices at ________________, United States of America ("XYZ") and _____________, a__________________, with its principal place of business at _____________________("Customer").

In consideration of the mutual agreements and covenants herein contained, the parties, intending to be legally bound, agree as follows:

XYZ shall offer to sell to Customer and Customer shall purchase such quantities of the telecommunications equipment, services and the Software (as defined below) manufactured or supplied by XYZ (the "Equipment") at XYZ’ list prices applicable to Customer less any applicable discount as may be specified a price quotation from XYZ and confirmed in a purchase order issued by Customer and accepted by XYZ from time to time during the term of this Agreement.

For any quantities of the Equipment, services, and Software Customer wishes to purchase from XYZ, Customer shall issue and submit to XYZ a written purchase order describing in reasonable detail each product description, its part number, unit price according to XYZ price list in effect at that time, quantity, discount, if any, total price and requested shipment date. XYZ may at its sole discretion reject or accept such purchase order, and if XYZ accepts such purchase order, XYZ acceptance shall create a binding contract between XYZ and Customer on the terms and conditions of this Agreement, any additional or contradictory provision contained or referenced in the purchase order shall be deemed null and void. Any requested shipping dates is subject to XYZ’ review and revision. XYZ shall make every reasonable effort to meet the shipping dates Customer may specify, provided Customer timely provides XYZ with all necessary information.

All prices are exclusive of shipping and insurance charges which shall be billed separately. Installation and related charges are only included if stated on the face of the order or quotation. Installation and related charges are subject to change due to customer failure to complete site readiness as stated, non-standard site conditions, force majeure events or Customer caused delays. Customer agrees to pay all such additional charges as invoiced by XYZ.

All prices are exclusive of all sales, use, excise, and other taxes, duties or charges. Unless evidence of tax exempt status is provided by Customer, Customer shall pay, or upon receipt of invoice from XYZ, shall reimburse XYZ for all such taxes or charges levied or imposed on Customer, or required to be collected by XYZ, resulting from this transaction or any part thereof.

For domestic orders all prices are FOB XYZ' Factory Novato, California, U.S.A. For international orders, all prices are ExWorks (Incoterms 1990). Unless instructed otherwise, XYZ may arrange for insurance and standard commercial shipping, the costs of which will be invoiced to the Customer.

Prior to delivery, XYZ reserves the right to make substitutions, modifications and improvements to the Equipment, provided that such substitution, modification or improvement shall not materially affect performance in the application originally agreed to with Customer.


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