for the provision of Services for [insert Name of Services or Project]
Constituted by the following letter and attachments

[Insert Department Reference]

[Insert Date]

[Service Provider addressee]

  1. Dear

The Commonwealth as represented by the Department of the Environment and Water Resources is prepared to accept your proposal to provide Services in relation to
[insert title of Services] on the terms and conditions set out below in
Attachment A of this letter.

Insert a full description of the Services and a detailed statement of work to be undertaken including all material that is required to be produced by the Service Provider (eg. reports, plans, models, specifications). This may be achieved by annexing correspondence between the parties including any proposals from the Service Provider. For example:

1.1       The Services to be provided are described below:


1.1       The Services to be provided are described in the following documents:

a letter from the Department to the Service Provider dated

and headed       (attached to this letter and marked ‘Attachment
B’) ; and

a proposal from the Service Provider dated          and entitled

(attached to this letter and marked ‘Attachment

1.2       The Service Provider must perform the Services to a high standard and in

accordance with the relevant best practice.

2.1       The Service Provider must perform the Services in accordance with the

following time frame:

Set out the timeframe for the Services, including delivery of reports etc, specifying all relevant dates: commencement, progress or interim stages and completion. If progressive delivery of material is required a precise timetable must be specified.

Specified Personnel

If the Department and Service Provider have agreed that some or all of the Services are to be provided by a particular person or persons, this should be specified as follows:

3.1       The Service Provider shall ensure that the following work, namely is

undertaken by


Specify details of the GST-inclusive fees to be paid by the Commonwealth to the Service Provider. This obligation should be linked, as appropriate, to instalment payments against progressive delivery of the Services and observance of specified invoicing procedures. For example:

4.1       The total fee for the Services is $..... (inclusive of GST). The fee is payable by

the following instalments and subject to the Department’s acceptance of the part of the Services to which the fee instalment(s) relate:

$..... following delivery of the interim report;

$..... following delivery of a revised version of that report; and $.... following delivery of a Final Report.

The due date for payment is 30 days after delivery of a correctly rendered invoice to the Department.


4.1       The total fee for the Services is $ .... (inclusive of GST) payable following

delivery, and the Department’s acceptance, of the final report and within 30 days of the delivery of a correctly rendered invoice to the Commonwealth.


Specify details of any allowances the Commonwealth will pay. For example:

5.1       No allowances are payable to the Service Provider.


5.1       Subject to the Service Provider obtaining the prior written approval of the

project officer for any travel, the Commonwealth will reimburse the Service Provider’s travel and accommodation expenses to the extent these are reasonably incurred by the Service Provider in the course of performing the Services provided that all flights undertaken must be economy class and the Service Provider’s accommodation expenses do not exceed the travel allowance payable to a Commonwealth public servant in the Department at the [insert SES or non/SES] level.

5.2       The Service Provider shall invoice the Department for reimbursement of the

Service Provider’s approved travel and accommodation expenses at the same time as it invoices the Department for payment of fees. The Service Provider

shall be reimbursed within 30 days of the Service Provider delivering a correctly rendered invoice to the Department.

If a specific procedure for invoicing and payment of accounts is to be observed by the Service Provider it should be included. For example:

6.1       Invoices forwarded by the Service Provider must be correctly addressed and

shall include the following information:

the title of Services;

the name and/or position of the Department’s project officer;

the contract number or purchase order number (if any).

6.2       If the Department accepts the Services described in the invoice, the

Commonwealth will make the relevant payment specified in clause 4 of this letter within 30 days of the Service Provider delivering the Services and a correctly rendered invoice to the Department.

Details of any assistance to be provided by the Commonwealth should be

set out eg. office accommodation or secretarial assistance (NB - the provision of assistance to the Service Provider may have GST implications) For example:

7.1       The Commonwealth shall provide the following facilities free of charge to the

Service Provider for the performance of the Services:

office accommodation at the Department’s premises for up to personnel of the Service Provider;

such normal office services and facilities as are reasonably required by the Service Provider’s personnel for the performance of the Services;

all magnetic media and consumables, storage facilities and messenger services that the Service Provider reasonable requires; and

access to the Department’s data processing system, word processing services and duplicating services for the recording and processing of information relating to the Services.


7.1       If the Service Provider requests, the Department may provide it with

Commonwealth facilities or assistance. However, any such provision is at the discretion of the project officer. The Department will only provide the Service Provider with Commonwealth facilities or assistance that the project officer has approved in writing.

The Department should appoint the occupant of a particular position as project officer. This person would have responsibility for supervising the performance of the contract, recommending payment of Service

Provider’s fees, recommending the provision of any Commonwealth assistance, and accepting and issuing any written notification under the Contract. For example:

8.1       The Project Officer is the person holding, occupying or performing the duties

of [insert position], currently [insert name]. The Project Officer is

responsible for general liaison with the Service Provider, supervising the Service Provider’s performance of this Contract and accepting and issuing any

written notification under this Contract on behalf of the Commonwealth.

8.2       The Service Provider must:

liaise with the Project Officer;

provide any information the Project Officer may reasonably require; and

comply with any reasonable request made by the Project Officer.

9.1       The attached conditions marked “Attachment A” and entitled “GENERAL

CONDITIONS FOR SERVICES” shall form part of this Contract.

The Department should state in this clause 10:

any information of the Service Provider that the Department has agreed to protect as Confidential Information and the period for which it must remain confidential; and

any Commonwealth information that it has agreed with the Service Provider is to be treated by the Service Provider as Confidential Information and the period for which that information must remain confidential.

Note that Confidential Information may include information that is not listed in this section if the parties have agreed to that information being Confidential

Information after the Contract is signed.

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